Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions 

It’s spring which means one thing! Mini sessions are back. As everything starts to bloom again out comes all the amazing colours that spring has to offer. At the moment it’s the vibrant yellow of the rapeseed fields and the stunning purple bluebells in the woodland. Or we can simply go to a location that you have in mind if it holds some significance to you or you just like the place its completely up to you!

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Mini sessions are a fun way to get some beautiful images, kids love them as they are outside having fun. There are no restraints, nothing is expected of them except to just have fun. And they are also cheaper than my fixed packages as they are only on at certain times of the year. Perfect to update the family albums at just £75 for 5 digital images. So don’t miss out book your mini session now!


At the moment the bluebells are starting to bloom and I have a perfect location to get some great images. I have a few spots that bloom at different times so I can offer them for a few weeks. No bluebells are harmed during my sessions, we only ever shoot on a pathway running through and shoot at angles that make it seem as though they are sat in them. See below! As a photographer bluebells are so special to me as I love bluebell minis so preserving them is so important! We want to enjoy them forever and make sure the next generations get that too. Trampling them is a big no they are protected and should be appreciated and treated as so.

src=”https://adriannejadephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/25-61474-post/303A0108.jpg” alt=”bluebells” width=”2000″ height=”1333″ />

So whether you want some photos of your animals, your children or both together please let me know I do like a challenge. I also do maternity and any other sessions outside, even just pets.

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I hope you enjoyed my blog it’s my first ever one! So I am learning. Keep checking back for more thank you.

If you would like to get booked in then please get in contact