Cake Smash

Cake Smash Bath

Cake smash Bath sessions are some of my favourite shoots to do, so much mess but so much fun! We can completely tailor these shoots to your style whether that is some big theme or a more simple colour scheme. You don’t even have to have a cake smash we can do a paint version where the little one is let loose with paints, a fruit smash anything is possible. Also if you don’t like the idea of them getting messy we can do some simple portraits to celebrate babies first birthday.

A cake smash starts by taking some portraits of your little one before the mess starts, I don’t take too long doing this part as we don’t want them to lose interest before the main event… the cake! The amazing CakeCakeCake supplies my cakes and these are made to match the colours and theme you have chosen.

Now its mess time! We literally just let your little one lose on the cake, some of them are unsure to start off with so I encourage mums and dads to get involved and show them its ok to make a mess and go wild!

After we have got lots of amazing shots and baby has had enough cake I go and prepare the bath. This is usually the part of the session they enjoy the most, it’s also very practical as it gets them all nice and clean before you get back in the car, no one wants cake on their upholstery! I ask parents to bring a towel and bubbles from home, this is for health and safety reasons as lots of children have sensitive skin so its best to stick what they are used to.

Bath time always gives the biggest smiles of the session (and can make the most mess) i encourage them to splash about and enjoy themselves, there is nothing better than capturing their pure joy in the images. Depending on how your little one is feeling after bathtime I try and capture a nice clean image of them wrapped in the towel with a little bit of bum showing, I find them so cute! But sometimes they are a little too tired and this isn’t always possible.

All together Cake smash bath sessions usually take around an hour, I don’t have time limits so they can take longer, we just go based on how the little ones are getting on and an hour usually does it.

These sessions cost £65, this covers the cake, the session, editing of images, and any bits needed for the colour scheme you have chosen. Packages are then chosen at the viewing session a couple of weeks after the shoot. Please click here to view full package prices.