Family Photography

Family photography Bath

If you are looking for family photography Bath, then please take a look through my gallery of images. I also cover the Bristol, Frome and Somerset areas. In keeping with my style, I offer a timeless and simple approach to your family portraits. Maximum impact with minimum fuss! I advise on clothing & colours to wear for the shoot, I want you to look at your images in 10 years time and love them, not think ‘what on earth were we wearing?!’. Styles change so drastically as the year’s pass, this is why I believe in keeping images timeless with the focus on your beautiful family and the love you share.

So many parents don’t want to have their photo taken on shoots, I always try to encourage them to get in a few. In years to come will any of your imagined hang-ups matter? Your children look at you and all they see is the parent they adore! In years to come, all that will be left to remember you by and show their own children/grandchildren are photos. So please exist in them, it really is so important.

I know some mums may feel uncomfortable with certain things but if you ask me on the shoot to reduce a bit of tummy or chin etc I can do this in editing afterwards. I wouldn’t ever edit images in this way without being previously asked as I believe you are all beautiful, but as a woman, I know that making you happy with how you look in your photos will make you love the images even more!

Please follow this link to see some examples of editing (blog link to come)

I have no session fee on family photography until the end of Feb. So what are you waiting for? Book in here. And to see my package prices please click here.