Lifestyle & Fresh 48


Lifestyle images are exactly that! Photos that capture the essence of your child in their day to day life. One day you will look back and smile at the grubby faces, the bruised knees, the fake smiles (we all know the ones) and most of all at seeing their little characters shine through in the stunning images you will receive. Memories are priceless!

These are fast becoming one of my favourite types of photoshoot, no posing, just your child being themselves and doing what they do. In fact its the only time I have a chance of getting any of my little girl as she HATES the studio!  Kids love them as there are no restrictions, they can do as they wish and we get to have fun; I just snap them at the same time so they are completely comfortable.

Perfect for the families that don’t want classic posed photos but still want stunning artwork on the walls. Remember all the things you will one day forget when they are all grown up! Lifestyle shoots can be in the comfort of your own home with your children playing, painting, eating just doing what they do. Or they can be outside in your garden, at the park etc.

  • Shoots don’t have time limits, I shoot until I’m happy with what we have

Fresh 48

Fresh 48 sessions are becoming a huge hit and I am currently the only photographer in the area that offers them. They are essentially a lifestyle shoot but for newborns. Plain and simple, white blankets, details and just capturing your baby in those first few days as they change so much! The dry skin, milk spots etc, all the things that make them so new! The beauty of these sessions is I can come to you, whether that is at your home or the hospital. I don’t need to bring much as the focus is on your beautiful new bundle. So many mums prefer this style over the classic posed newborn shoots.

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